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Victory in Genova 🏆

Ciao Amici!

Last weekend I had my comeback on the international competitive stage. The Italian freestyle community organized a freestyle tournament as part of the 20th anniversary of the "Festa dello Sport". On Friday, I managed to qualify for the top 16 on the first place against opponents from Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and the USA. The finals started at 8 pm on Saturday. 

First I beat Artem from Russia in the round of 16. But than the level was already significantly higher in the quarter-finals and my friend Tony from Hong Kong put me under a lot of pressure. However, I finished the battle with a strong set, which gave me a tight victory and a spot in the semi-finals. 

By now I couldn't hold back any more tricks and had to perform at my best level. My opponent Luca Galli, Italian champion 2023, got off to a very solid start, but I was able to fight back and present a greater variety of tricks. I went into the final with a confident 5:0 from the five jury members and already dy secured myself a medal. 

In the last battle for the title, I faced the reigning Italian champion Tommaso Daigoro. He started with a strong set, but I was able to respond well. In the end, I still had 2-3 variations up my sleeve, which secured me the title in the end. Although the final didn't finish until around 11 p.m., many spectators cheered us on in Genoa's harbor and created a great atmosphere. What could be better than coming out on top and celebrating with friends from many different cultures? After 11 years of freestyle, I even got my first freestyle prize money and a big trophy.  

Thanks to all organizers, supporters and freestylers for this great event!



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